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Olympic Arching Equipment

Olympic Arching Equipment: It is the standard sports bow as it is used in most games and in the Olympics, which is why it is also called Olympic.

It consists of three parts:

  • The central stem or riser
  • Metal for racing and wooden or plastic for training
  • Both plates

The riser has a height of 23 ” or 25 ”. The bow has a height: 66 ”, 68 ” or 70 ”.

The nominal force of the arc is measured in pounds and is from 22lbs to 50lbs. It consists of the force needed to open the bow at 28 ”. Fully disassembled for easy transport.

3- Type of Metal Racing Risers

Olympic Arching Equipment

Metal racing risers differ in the way they are made. There are three ways:

  1. Die-cast: Casting is an older technology, but it is also the most economical by far because a mold is used many times. They are made of magnesium-aluminum alloy. Although cases of breakage in dry shots (without arrows) have been observed, they are generally durable. This is due to the discontinuities caused by the air bubbles trapped in the material during casting. The final finish is done by painting.
  2. Forged: They are made of aluminum alloys. A roller of material is placed in a special mold and forged under high temperatures. It takes the desired shape. Then you need enough work on the milling machine for the final finish.
  3. Milling (CNC machined): It is the most modern method and the most expensive. The construction material comprises strong aviation-type aluminum alloys (7001 or 6061). The milling machine is an electronically controlled robotics. For a riser weighing 1.5kg, you need an initial piece of material weighing up to 10kg! They are the most durable and are finished with anodizing or painting.

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Most Modern Racing Risers (Milling)

The plates or arms or limbs are made of strong welded sheets of carbon foam, or carbon wood, or wood-fiber glass. In the central stem, the two screws with which the power of the bow (tiller) are limited.

The string is made of special synthetic yarns with great strength and negligible creep. In educational wooden or plastic bows, dacron is used, while in racing fast flight or Dyneema.

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Arrow Rests Delimitation

Arrow rests on the string is delimited by the knock knot from a special thread-

The length of the bow is determined by the opening of each archer (draw length). The aperture is measured with a long arrow and the bow fully open. It is the length from the string to the farthest point of the central stem of the arc. It is determined by the distance of the string from the center of the support hole of the button increased by 1 3/4 ” (e.g., if the distance of the string from the button is 26 2/4 ” then the opening of the archer is 26 2 / 4 ” + 1 3/4 ” = 28 1/4 ”).

If the opening of a new archer is right on the border, we prefer the longer length because the opening almost always grows somewhat with exercise.

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Magnifying viewfinder and laser viewfinder, which one is for you?

When it comes to owning a gun, a person doesn’t need to think twice before committing. There aren’t many reasons why you would want to own a gun, but rest assured, our glorious Second Amendment allows the average Joe to own a gun at their peril. But if owning a gun was enough, we wouldn’t need to go to the shooting location to do a target shoot, which brings us neatly to the case of two attachments aimed at helping in this regard.

There are several visual attachments that you can associate with different types of weapons and improve their characteristics, especially when aiming. Since the average has a pistol, the most popular options are limited to two competitors: a) reflex sights and b) laser sights. Both of these attachments are used for a wide range of applications, but if you’re the average person without knowing what these are and which one you should choose (if any), it can get confusing quite quickly. So, to get a better understanding of both items, let’s take a quick look at some of the features of magnified reflex sights and laser sights.


Both are incredibly accurate when it comes to close positions, especially reflex sights, due to the faster acquisition of their target in close range. These can be easily used not only with firearms but also with rifles and shotguns. The reason for their imminent popularity is that reflex sights allow you to fine-tune the characteristics of the reticle displayed in the finder. But that doesn’t mean lasers are poor quality in close combat, oh no, especially for tight spots with restricted light. Laser accessories take the cake, as you can be extremely precise about your target, both near and average.


It varies greatly depending on the business that sells it to you. There are many options for you to browse, and with increasing functionality, the price will increase further. However, you do not need to spend as much money on a pair of sights because you can use some of the priciest red sights for much less from companies that care about your money.


Both run on batteries, and like anything battery-powered, those run out of power as well. But that doesn’t mean that the product itself becomes part of the landfill, as batteries can be swapped out for newer ones. Lasers, in particular, drain their batteries very quickly, but this is expected, as they offer a much narrower focus across the spectrum.


The reflex viewfinder is preferable when used at close distances with an adequate amount of light as they allow the acquisition of a much better daylight target. However, lasers are best used in low light, as you can aim at very tight targets in these conditions.


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What differentiates the battue glasses from other types of glasses, and how to choose

Some hunting goggles are suitable for the hunt, just like other models are recommended for the lookout, without also forgetting the mixed goggles. Whatever device you decide to adopt, however, it will have:

  • an objective (or lens);
  • an eyepiece, which will allow you to receive clear images;
  • and finally comes the body of the device itself.

The illuminated reticle, often installed in the eyepiece and sometimes adopting the shape of a cross, is also an integral part of the telescope. Its function is to make the sighting as impeccable as possible.

To distinguish a battue scope from another intended for the lookout, it will be necessary above all to refer to the usual notation used for this type of hunting accessory.

Thus, when the diameter of a telescope is high (reception of less light in the lens/objective) while having the least possible magnification (reduced zoom), we will generally be in the presence of a telescope for the beat.

We can take the example of a product showing the notation 1-6 × 24: the diameter of the objective is thus 24 mm, with a zoom which goes from 1 to 6 times.

You can understand that, about the beat, the lowest magnification will always be 1 or close to 1. On the other hand, if it was a mixed product, the notation could have been 1.8 -6 × 42. Finally, with the glasses for the lookout, the diameter of the lens is large but with a possibility of still increasing magnification. We will thus have a 4-12 × 55 telescope.

Difference between red dot sight and battue scope

The red dot sights are perhaps more famous because of their frequent appearance in the cinema. But apart from that, it is still an innovative technology since it also allows the hunter to be precise in his actions.

With this type of viewfinder, there is no longer any question of closing an eye to look into the eyepiece; the two eyes can remain open, and the hunter can be guided by the red light which appears on the game.

Despite such practicality, these accessories with red dot do not necessarily replace the beating scope because they become less efficient when the animal reaches 60-70 meters of distance.

Indeed, the red dot sights do not have a zoom, and the target becomes much too small to be hit with precision (with a red dot appearing larger).

The hunting scope for all hunting conditions

Battue is a classic hunting group in a group, with the big game being close to the range or quite far away. Fortunately, the battue scope can be used in all circumstances: over short and long distances, when the animal flees, or when it comes to a stop.

Whatever the type of hunting, I can advise you to adopt the battue scope because it will simplify your visibility and aim, which would not be the case with scopes made exclusively for close-range hunting.

It is also a type of tool that we would gladly suggest to a beginner who wants to get his hands on and train, whatever the hunting conditions he is facing.

Nonetheless, the scope for the beaten remains an accessory that confirmed hunters like to have in their hands, even when it comes to the cheapest models on the market.

How to choose the best battue scope

For starters, you have to keep in mind that battue scopes are those with magnification starting with 1, although you could also go for a model that is close to 1 (1.4, 1.5, for example, for combination glasses).

This type of device will not have a magnification greater than 8. It’ll be up from each shooter to acquire experience to understand which scopes he needs precisely, knowing that this choice may depend on his area hunting.

Indeed, if the hunting area is not very large, we can anticipate that there will be no need to zoom very much.

The best reticles are those that the hunter can see clearly, which means that the reticle lines should be thin enough.

It will also be helpful to turn to glasses that offer luminous reticles of various colors (blue, red, green, etc.). Which is very practical, especially when the environment in which you have to operate lacks or has too much light.

If the design of a scope appeals to you and the equipment in question matches the type of hunting you want to do, this may be the model for you. Ergonomics can sometimes seem secondary when it comes to such an accessory, but it is certainly not for everyone.


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What are hearing protectors (made to measure hearing protectors)?

Ear protectors are personal protective equipment specially designed to protect the hearing system from noise and excessive volumes. There are many types of hearing protection ( ear protection ), and they all share one very important feature: the ability to protect us from external agents that could cause damage to our ears.

Some are intended for those who, for work or as a hobby, spend a lot of time in noisy environments, others for athletes or those who love being in the water, and finally the last ones to sleep peacefully.

It is evident how, in everyday life, but also work, noise has become one of the most important and widespread problems in our country; Prolonged noise exposure can lead to a progressive and irreversible decrease in the hearing capacity of the exposed subject (hyperacusis).

What are hearing protectors

Did you know that hearing damage from prolonged exposure to noisy workplaces causes other harmful health outcomes? Other noise-related health effects include stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, sleep disturbances, and fatigue.

There are several working conditions in which we inevitably expose ourselves to disturbing noises and sometimes produce an unpleasant and aggressive feeling. Hearing protectors are very useful in such situations, as they provide comfort and help avoid the dangers of noise.

Of course, damage from prolonged exposure to noise can also occur outside the workplace while doing DIY jobs or hanging out at the club. At work and home, it is essential to understand which sounds can cause hearing loss and therefore require hearing protection.

What are custom-made hearing protectors?

It is important for people who work in extremely loud conditions to use hearing protection equipment. Such hearing protectors can be made to measure based on the anatomical features of the auricle.

Custom-made hearing protectors can be optimally adapted to the shape of the ear. For the otoplasty to be custom-built, it is necessary to take the impression of the external auditory canal.

Thanks to their anatomical shape, the custom-made hearing protectors with filters guarantee a high comfort of use without oppressing the middle ear and avoiding sweating while providing high attenuation. Through the filters, it is possible to increase or decrease the sound attenuation according to the working environment or other fields of use.

Complete hearing protection must be able to ensure comfort and convenience to the users. Those who work in noisy environments, for example, must on the one hand protect their hearing faculties, using specific hearing protectors, but on the other hand, they must be able to communicate with colleagues or with the boss both verbally and over the phone.

When to use hearing protectors in noisy work environments?

In certain areas of work, it is important to wear hearing protection. These are work activities that involve constant exposure to noise exceeding 80 dB. Specifically, it is essential to use hearing protectors in the sector:

  • transport, whether carried out on the road or in airport contexts;
  • agriculture, when using noisy machineries such as electric saws, threshers, and tractors
  • education, wood or metallurgical industry;
  • education or call centers;
  • of the show;
  • construction, especially on construction sites;
  • industrial production of beverages and food;

Please note that the entire subject of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including hearing protectors (PPE-u), has been regulated by the new European Regulation on PPE 2016/425, currently in force and which places hearing protectors in Class III (PPE necessary to avoid serious or permanent damage)”.

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How to choose a hunting noise-canceling helmet

There are a few ways to shield yourself from a weapon detonation. Each anti-noise system has its own set of features. and it is not always easy to measure its usefulness or to know which model to choose.

How to choose a hunting noise-canceling helmet

Types of noise protection

There are two types of hearing protection:

  1. Passive protection
  2. Active protection

Passive protection

Passive protection is a device making it possible to permanently attenuate all exterior sound to a greater or lesser extent.

If the protection against dangerous noise is correctly carried out, it has the big disadvantage of reducing the sounds, which are not risky (we say that the protection is linear). For the practice of hunting, only the detonation of a weapon is a harmful sound. With this type of protection, all other sounds, before and after the shot, will be blocked or greatly diminished, creating the impression of being cut off from the world.

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The solution is then only to wear it for shooting. If this is easily achievable for sport shooting or Ball traps because we know precisely when the shot is made, it is much more complicated for hunting because it is difficult to predict in advance when the game will appear.

Additionally, when hunting, it can be dangerous to be cut off from outside sounds, such as a person approaching out of sight. It can be dangerous not to hear these kinds of sounds correctly.

The main advantage of this type of protection is that it is the most economical and does not require energy to operate (battery or batteries). This type of noise reduction device will be recommended for occasional hunting or sport shooting, the Ball Trap.

Active protection

Active protection, on the other hand, offers the same quality of noise reduction, but, unlike passive protection, it can filter sounds according to their intensity. Thus it only reduces harmful sounds, i.e., all sounds above 85-87 decibels. All other noises are broadcast using a microphone and a speaker. Active protection can even, depending on the device, amplify the quietest sounds to improve hearing.

This type of protection then allows you to wear your noise reduction device throughout the activity, without worrying about anticipating or not a firing start, while communicating with other people around you and hearing everyone surrounding sounds.

In addition, as technology advances, integrated circuits are becoming increasingly miniaturized, many features are emerging, such as the walkie-talkie function or even the reception of telephone calls via Bluetooth, etc. The anti-noise devices offering active protection are thus perfectly suited to all types of activities, whether hunting, sport shooting, or ball trap.

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Active protection is kind of the best of both worlds. Powerful protection against dangerous noise while having a normal hearing capacity for other sounds. This allows you to wear your protection throughout the day without worrying about the protection of your hearing capital.

However, this type of protection has a few small drawbacks. Indeed, noise-canceling devices with active protection embed high-performance electronics and technology, with the primary consequence of a more expensive purchase price than passive protection devices.

The second drawback is that these devices use up energy and therefore have a more or less limited autonomy before having to recharge them. Some devices operate on battery power, others on batteries.

Finally, these devices are often heavier, which may change the comfort, especially for long sessions, such as during hunting. The comfort aspect will also depend on the type of device chosen.

Types of noise reduction devices

There are different types of noise protection devices:

  1. Protective helmets
  2. Earplugs

Protective helmets

Protective helmets generally offer the best possible noise reduction and optimum protection for the hearing system. These helmets have better protection because they encompass all around the ears, including part of the temporal bone, the mastoid, which is located behind the ear and acts as a sounding board.

Helmets with passive protection are the cheapest, the lightest, and those that reduce noise the most, quite simply because they do not embed electronics.

However, quality active protection helmets will offer excellent protection and allow you to wear the helmet throughout the shooting session without having to remove your helmet to hear outside sounds, talk to other people, listen to instructions. Receive calls, etc.

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However, compared to earplugs, helmets have the drawbacks of being bulky, heavier, less comfortable to wear, and less pleasant if you wear a hat or headgear, for example. In addition, the helmet can hit the butt of the rifle during the shoulder.

Finally, we must pay attention to a detail that may reduce the effectiveness of the protection of the helmet. Indeed if the helmet is not completely pressed against the head, this is the case, for example, with a helmet that has aged having a less firm and less flexible foam. But especially for hunters and shooters wearing glasses, the latter’s branches raise the helmet a little bit, causing air to leak, and therefore sound.


Earplugs offer incomparable comfort and discretion. The anti-noise plugs, whether they are active or passive protection, have good protection and are very small when the weapon is on the shoulder. The caps can thus be completely forgotten even if you are wearing a beanie, hat, or cap.

With earplugs, the perception of sounds at 360 degrees is better because the ear is free. It is thus possible to better discern where the sounds come from, compared to the headphones which cover the ear entirely.

With earplugs, the seal is perfect at the level of the ear canal. The main downside is the price, quality earplugs with active protection are much more expensive than headphones.

How many decibels does it reduce?

Different headphones and earplugs do not offer the same protection in terms of decibel reduction. Indeed, the reduction will be around 20 to 35 decibels, depending on the models. This characteristic will have to be taken into account depending on your activity, and the weapon used.

While any protection will be sufficient for a handgun, it is not the same for shooting with a large caliber long gun, which will require high protection.

To optimize protection and possible, there is a solution; you just need to combine the wearing of earplugs and noise-canceling headphones. This will give you the best possible reduction.

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Battery life is only taken into account for noise-canceling devices with active protection, and therefore electronic. Most active noise canceling devices have a battery life of 10 hours, up to more than 50 hours.

Depending on your activity and its duration (shooting sessions, hunting trips, hunting weekends, etc.), it will be necessary to check the satisfactory autonomy to benefit from active protection at all times.

Automatic switch-off of the device

Devices with automatic battery shutdown are generally more expensive but will avoid running out of battery when you forget to turn off your headphones or earplugs.

Amplification level

Sound amplification enables noise-canceling devices with active protection to be able to hear non-harmful sounds. However, this amplification is carried out using one or more microphones and speakers and will not be of the same quality depending on the models.

Noise-canceling headphones equipped with 4 microphones, particularly greatly improve the perception of sound, which will be 360 ​​degrees, thus delivering optimal results.

The amplification of the finest noises can be adjusted more or less finely using the amplification level. This adjustment is therefore very useful for adjusting your helmet according to all situations. Too sensitive and amplification could be counterproductive in an area with many leaves and dead branches, for example.

A wind filter system will also be useful so that the wind does not interfere with the perception of sounds.

Communicating headset

Communicating headsets make it possible to communicate via walkie-talkie with other communicating headset wearers.

This type of communication, therefore, makes it possible to chat for free at more or less long-distance (a few hundred meters or even kilometers). Some microphones are triggered by voice, which eliminates the need to press a button to speak.


Headsets with a Bluetooth connection allow a wireless connection to, for example, a telephone or other communication devices, making it possible to receive calls or notifications.

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What To Look For In Shooting Ear Protection

Hearing protection is essential once you are shooting and can be convenient for a wide range of different scenarios you may experience in your daily life. The problem is that deciding on a choice from the huge amount available on the current market is not easy, and you will want to try to narrow your search whenever possible so that you don’t spend hours searching through thousands of potential choices. If you can develop a general idea of what you need, it might be a lot easier to start monitoring ear protectors that provide everything you want.

What To Look For In Shooting Ear Protection

Noise Reduction Classification (NRR)

The degree of sound reduction extended using a pair of hearing protectors is remarkably important as it is the most important reason you will use them in the first position. NRR is quantified at an overall level of sound reduction relative to decibels, and sounds above a particular level (typically 140 dB) could be harmful to hearing. For this reason, you will need to be sure that your shooting ear protection properly dampens and softens sounds.

A good amount of different headphones and earplugs will have around 22-34 decibels of sound reduction, but that depends on the brand, layout, and type of materials or technology used inside. The protection created for the shot will often have protection at the high end of the limit because it must have the ability to soften the sounds of the shots, which can reach very consistent levels depending on the weapon used.

There’s only one reason less noise reduction can be useful is if you’re already using some kind of noise reduction features or tools. For example, if you’re already wearing noise-reducing earbuds and only want slightly more safety, you can find some earmuffs that use a very low degree of sound reduction to use both at the same time. Aside from that, as far as filming is concerned, it’s almost always worth it. Some weapons will also be quieter than many others, particularly if they have attachments or modifications developed to soften the sound they create, so you must learn how much sound you might be creating when shooting.

Noise Amplification

Amplification can be just as easy as sound reduction, depending on the circumstances. Since you’ll want to eliminate loud noises from gunshots, it’s still important to make sure you get a fantastic amount of situational awareness – if you can’t hear people talking or get emergency directions if something happens in a public shooting range, it’s extremely easy to end up endangering yourself and the people around you.

Amplification is almost only a choice with electrical protection as it is nearly impossible to perform with a suitable microphone system. This should usually allow you to hear things like the address without amplifying any other noise around you, giving you a noticeably greater understanding of what’s going on. Remember that not all PA systems will handle every situation correctly; however, the breeze could often be a problem because the microphone could pick it up unless it is recessed into the rest of the piano.


Another crucial component of protecting your hearing is making sure you are well. There is no point in using protectors that hit you in another way, and embarrassing headphones or earphones can ruin an otherwise enjoyable shooting experience. The same is true if you’re using them for practical purposes, like using power tools or dealing with noisy gardening tools – heartache often makes things worse, and there’s not much you can do to fix a couple that doesn’t match your mind correctly.

To begin with, make sure it’s comfortable in the traditional sense. This usually means that you will want to look for soft, comfortable, and protective things because these will be the backbone of everything you can wear in your body. The ear padding is worth having as the ears are the most influenced components of the headgear: the cushioning of the ear also leads to much more effective sound reduction, as they are more prone to completely enclose the ears and prevent the entrance of so much noise.

How strong is a standard pistol?

Various guns make various sounds, but some are much richer than many others. Normally, they will be at 140dB without any kind of suppressor or even noise reduction modifications, but some can go further if they fire a larger caliber bullet. Keep in mind it’s just to get a bullet, though – if you’re firing a lot in short streaks, which adds up to a lot more long-term hearing damage, particularly if it’s an automated weapon that could spit out—a large number of strokes per minute.

As stated earlier, you can combine certain accessories for your firearm, mostly suppressors, to soften the noise they create marginally. But not all guns can use them correctly, and it depends on the weapon itself.

Is ear protection for digital shooting better?

Electronic security tools and approaches are often more complex than their regular counterparts, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re better. You always have to make sure you choose something that helps you and meets your needs instead of going for an expensive digital option that you don’t need.

On the other hand, if you want to make sure you’re completely safe, it might be worth looking for a digital choice even when you’re satisfied with a routine, non-electronic type of gun range ear protection. It can lead to far superior protection and sound reduction at a slightly higher cost.

Professional tip

If you are in the market for shooting hearing protection that will help you search, you will want to focus on the look. A smart headgear can be very useful on shooting ranges as it lets others know where you are, but it could give your creatures your location. As a hunter, you will need a headdress that fits your clothing, hair, or rather your surroundings.

Did you know?

Some people today use many layers of hearing protection. It is quite normal for people with loud noise sensitivities to use both earphones and headphones at the same time, providing greater sound reduction without feeling uncomfortable.

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Rowing Machine: 5 Models in Test

The rowing machine is an increasingly popular exercise tool that effectively activates all major muscle groups in the body. Rowing training strengthens both heart and lungs and is very energy-intensive, which burns lots of calories. Therefore, the rowing machine is not just an excellent training machine for building muscle. It is also suitable for those who want to lose weight.

The rowing machine also offers fantastic cardio training, which means that many people today use it at home instead of a treadmill because it generally has a lower price tag and is more surface efficient. The rowing movement is also unique and enables hard training that is at the same time gentle on joints and knees.

Rowing Machine: 5 Models in Test

The rowing machine is often part of a home gym with other exercise machines and other exercise equipment, such as dumbbells and barbells. However, it also fits perfectly alone, and many prefer the rowing machine over other exercise machines such as cross-trainers. Exercise bikes and treadmills. Not least because it more than these other training tools, has properties that involve more muscle groups and is also relatively inexpensive.

Master Fitness R6040

R6040 is an exclusively designed premium model from Master Fitness, and its very high price value makes it named the best premium choice. The rowing machine is large and robust, with a solid aluminum frame that provides good space, even for tall users. The pedals are excellent, with good foot grip and many adjustment options.

The aluminum construction gives an unexpectedly low machine weight and, together with the transport wheels, makes the R6040 an unusually easy-to-move professional model. The backlit color display is relatively large and can thus be read throughout the rowing movement. The R6040 has a mixture of air and magnetic resistance, and the years generate an airflow that drives a fan.

The airflow is thin but gives some coolness, and the fan can be stopped if it irritates. The resistance is controlled via the training computer and can be varied from light to very strong. A wireless heart rate belt is included. The training computer is advanced with coveted heart rate control. The user interface could have been more intuitive but still understood thanks to the detailed manual.

Master Fitness R6030

Master Fitness R6030 (also sold as Bodymax R90) is a Concept-inspired rowing machine with a recommended price in the professional class but a prevailing lowest price in the upper-middle class. The design is undeniably tasteful and perhaps even the most admirable rowing machine we have seen after Concept.

The R6030 has a high build quality with a robust, high and long aluminum frame with the same sliding length as the reference model Concept E. The seat feels reasonably complex and slides forward almost frictionlessly. The R6030 has a combined air and magnetic resistance, and the maximum resistance is more than enough for even the most substantial users. All this enables excellent rowing movement for both short and long. The color display is relatively large and clear and is visible throughout the rowing movement.

The training computer is advanced for a rowing machine and gives the impression of belonging to a cross-trainer. This makes the training computer a bit overcomplicated considering the type of training program you usually see in a rowing machine. At the same time, the measurement of speed, time, and distance is far from accurate. These values do not even internally agree with each other.

The R6030 has an exemplary manual with precise assembly and user instructions as well as plenty of illustrations. The rowing machine is easy to fold, and with four transport wheels, it is also easy to move. R6030 currently has a lower price than ever and is named the best middle-class choice.

Master Fitness R610

Master Fitness R610 is a simple but affordable rowing machine in the budget class. Thanks to the ongoing price war, it is currently incredibly price pressured and is therefore named the best budget choice. The training computer is of a more straightforward cut, and the display is simple but at the same time clear and easy to understand.

The R610 is magnetically braked, and the flywheel delivers a maximum natural resistance that manages to give even well-trained users a challenging workout. The resistance is easily regulated with a steering wheel. The footplates are movable, but you can not adjust the foot and according to the foot length.

The handle is excellent, and so is the seat, which is also broad to fit even wider backs. The footrest is angled so that the feet follow the pulling movement. Although the traction cable is made of durable fiber, metal would have been preferable. The slide rail has a good length, especially for a budget model.

Titan Life Rower Trainer R22

Titan Life Rower Trainer R22 is a price-pressed compact rowing machine for home with water resistance. It gives a genuine and gentle rowing motion with a sound that gives you a feeling of rowing in the water.

Compact design with the first-class seat

R22 is made of plastic and aluminum, which gives it a low machine weight and a cheap impression. The heaviest on the rowing machine is the water-filled container in the front. Fortunately, the transport wheels are also located there, which makes it uncomplicated to roll around. You can quickly assemble the R22 by changing places on a screw and folding up the slide rail. When folded up, it takes up some space.

The seat is soft and unusually comfortable to sit on, even during really long sessions. The R22 is compact without compromising on the glide length. With the right technical design, it is long enough even for those who are taller than average. It requires continuous maintenance and cleaning of the wheels and slide rail for the seat to slide entirely frictionlessly.

Quiet and uncomplicated

Unlike rowing machines with air resistance, the R22 is much quieter. The muted sound of the water provides an almost meditative experience. The rowing machine is equipped with a simple training computer which unfortunately does not have any pre-programmed training programs. We are also asking if the values for speed and distance are correct as they differ significantly compared to the models that are approved as competition machines. If you only use this rowing machine, it does little. Unfortunately, the display is not backlit, which means that it cannot be read if the room is not lit.

High price value

Titan Life Rower Trainer R22 is excellent for you looking for effective but gentle heart rate and strength training at a low price tag. The water resistance contributes to a pleasant soundscape, and it gives a realistic rooting.

First Degree Apollo Hybrid AR

Apollo Hybrid AR from First Degree Fitness is an exclusive elite class model with something unusual as water resistance. Many people prefer water resistance to air resistance because it gives a more genuine water rowing feeling in the draft. Also, the sound of water resistance is perceived as more discreet and pleasant. It is also fantastic to see the water dizzy in the transparent container of the resistor.

The water resistance also contributes to a relatively high machine weight, which, together with rubber-coated footrests, the rowing machine stands very stably on smooth floors. Therefore, Apollo Hybrid AR does not slip during intense rowing, which is otherwise very common, even among elite class models. The seat is comfortable and is kept firmly fixed to the frame with wheels both vertically and horizontally.

The glide is excellent, and the frame’s glide length is sufficient even for long rowers. The footrest is of high quality with excellent foot fixation and smooth adjustment. The water resistance is adjustable, but adjustments have – unlike air resistance – a delay of a few strokes. Apart from water resistance, the most noticeable strength of the Apollo Hybrid AR is its tasteful and discreet wood design. Also, it can be easily set up vertically against the wall. This makes it fit better in the living room than perhaps any other rowing machine.

Although the Apollo Hybrid AR, on the whole, has a build quality on par with its high price, some features are hardly elite class. It has a nylon belt, which is maintenance-free, but at the same time, they wear out faster than chains. The seat wheel is made of plastic, and it rolls on a plastic rail.

With long-term use, these can be worn out. The training computer is mediocre with a not backlit display, which means that it cannot be read in the dark. The manual is only available in English, but the assembly instructions are exemplary with clear pictures. Overall, despite its juicy price tag, the Apollo Hybrid AR is very affordable for those who appreciate tasteful design and water resistance.


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10 Tasty Ideas for a Picnic and Enjoy a Weekend Snack Outside

The summer weekends when the temperatures are good for us and do not shake us excessively, they are made for picnics and excursions. We like to take out the basket as soon as we have the chance and fill it with delicious food with which to enjoy the weekend snack outdoors. Maybe you don’t have much practice in the matter, but don’t worry because we are going to give you 10 tasty ideas for a picnic, among which you will surely find your better half.

10 Tasty Ideas for a Picnic

Of course you can add to many ideas for a picnic birthday or any other that works for you. The potato omelette , for example, is a great alternative, so is hummus or any other type of dip.

Remember to fill the picnic basket with various drinks, homemade breads and some sweet with which you can kill the bug if you have a sweet tooth. With this you will have more than enough and the rest will be to enjoy the outdoors and the company.

1. Sausage rolls or sausage rolls

  • Ingredients for four people: 12 sausages (pork, chicken, turkey or whatever you prefer), 1 rectangular puff pastry sheet, 1 egg, 1 slice of bread, 1 tablespoon of milk, 1/4 teaspoon of garlic salt, 1/2 teaspoon Provencal herbs, 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard, and sesame seeds (optional).
  • Elaboration:In a deep and wide container, we crumble the sliced ​​bread and moisten it with the milk and half an egg (the other half we reserve to brush the rolls before putting them in the oven). With a fork, we crush the bread. We add the garlic salt, the Provencal herbs and the mustard. Mix until a homogeneous mass. Next, we remove the skin from the sausages and discard it. We crumble the meat with our hands, very clean, removing any remaining fat that we can find. We add the mixture of bread, milk and spices and mix well. I continue to use my hands for this operation because it is faster and better done, but you can always use a fork. We spread the puff pastry sheet and cut it, widthwise, into three equal strips. We divide the sausage filling between the three puff pastry strips, spreading it along the longest end. Brush the opposite end with the reserved egg and roll the puff pastry strips into cylinders. The egg will act as a glue and the rolls will not open when baked. We cut each cylinder into the number of pieces we want (small, if we are going to serve them as an aperitif, or large if we are going to serve them as a plate). We make two diagonal incisions on each of the rolls, brush them with egg and sprinkle them with sesame seeds. We cover a baking tray with parchment paper and place the rolls on it. We introduce the tray in the lower part of the oven, pre-heated to 190 ºC, so that the base is not raw. After 25 minutes, or when they turn golden,

2. Salty tomato tart with cream cheese and mustard

  • Ingredients for four people: 60 g of pastry flour, 30 g of corn flour (not cornstarch), 1/2 teaspoon of salt, 1 pinch of granulated garlic, 55g of cold butter, 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil, 2-3 tablespoons cold water, 4 tablespoons cream cheese, 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard, 1 pinch of hot paprika, oregano, seasonal tomatoes (large and small), 1-2 tablespoons Parmesan cheese, black pepper, salt , extra virgin olive oil.
  • Elaboration:Arrange the flours, salt, granulated garlic, a little black pepper, diced butter and oil in a food processor or food processor. Blend in several short batches until everything is integrated and a fine grainy texture is left. Add the cold water little by little, grinding each time, until we get a dough that we can work with our hands without sticking. Form a homogeneous and smooth disk, wrap in plastic wrap and leave in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes, better longer if it is very hot. Preheat the oven to 190ºC and prepare a tray. Wash and dry the tomatoes and mix the cream cheese with the mustard, a little paprika, oregano and a dash of pepper in a bowl. Roll out the dough to a thickness of approximately 5 mm, giving it a rounded shape with a rolling pin or with your hands. Work fast so it doesn’t get too hot. Cover with the cream cheese, without reaching the edges, and distribute the tomatoes cut into thin slices on top. Fold the edges over the dough, to slightly cover the filling and tomatoes, and add a little salt, oregano, cheese and a drizzle of oil. Bake for about 25-30 minutes, until the dough is golden. Watch that the tomatoes do not burn, if this happens we can cover the upper part with aluminum foil. If they become too dry, add more cheese halfway through cooking. To make the dough look more beautiful, we can paint the edges with beaten egg or melted butter. to cover a little the filling and tomatoes, and add a little salt, oregano, cheese and a drizzle of oil. Bake for about 25-30 minutes, until the dough is golden brown. Watch that the tomatoes do not burn, if this happens we can cover the upper part with aluminum foil. If they become too dry, add more cheese halfway through cooking. To make the dough look more beautiful, we can paint the edges with beaten egg or melted butter. to cover a little the filling and the tomatoes, and add a little salt, oregano, cheese and a drizzle of oil. Bake for about 25-30 minutes, until the dough is golden brown. Make sure that the tomatoes do not burn, if this happens we can cover the upper part with aluminum foil. If they become too dry, add more cheese halfway through cooking. To make the dough look more beautiful, we can paint the edges with beaten egg or melted butter.

3. Cold round chicken

  • Ingredients for six people: 500 g of chicken breast, 100 g of diced cooked ham, 400 ml of fresh cream for cooking, 2 small spring onions, 1 egg white, 50 g of bread crumbs, 3 tablespoons of tarragon, 1 clove of garlic, 25 g of pistachios, oil, salt and pepper.
  • Elaboration:We start by mincing the chicken very finely with the glass of the blender or a food processor. We also chop the onion and garlic, and crumble the bread. We add it all in a bowl along with the tarragon and the whole pistachios (but without the shell, of course). Season and mix well. The next step is to lightly beat the cream (it can be fresh cream or liquid cream, but with plenty of fat) and bring the egg white to stiff. We add both to the mixture and stir well again. We adjust the salt and pepper again and add a touch of nutmeg or ground ginger, which also gives it a special touch. Now comes the most delicate and cumbersome moment. We have aluminum foil on a tray, we spread it with olive oil, We distribute a little of the chicken mixture that we have prepared and we roll it tightly to make a kind of sausage. We repeat the operation until we run out of mixture (enough for two or three) and bake at 180ºC for an hour. Then we remove from the oven and let it cool for an hour at room temperature, and at least two more in the fridge before serving.

4. Authentic Mexican guacamole

  • Ingredients for a medium bowl: 2 avocados, 1 small tomato, 1/2 onion, 1 jalapeño pepper (optional), 20 fresh coriander leaves, half a lime (your juice) and salt.
  • Elaboration:Chop the onion into fine brunoise. We do the same with the jalapeño pepper, in case we choose to incorporate it into our guacamole. We blanch the tomato, that is, we immerse it in boiling water for 20-30 seconds and cool it in ice water to cut cooking. We peel it, cut it in half, remove the seeds and chop the meat into small cubes or mirepoix. We wash the coriander and separate the leaves from the stems. The latter we discard and we are left with only the leaves. We chop them finely with a sharp knife, sliding the edge over the coriander so that the cut is clean and we do not crush the product. We cut the lime in half and squeeze the juice. Finally, we cut the avocados in half and remove the bones. We take out the meat, place it in a large bowl and mash it with a fork. We add the previous ingredients: the onion, the chili, the tomato, the coriander and the lime. Season to taste and serve with nachos or tortilla chips.

5. Eggs stuffed with tuna

  • Ingredients for 12 units: 6 eggs, 3 cans of tuna in oil, 45 g of mayonnaise sauce, 20 olives stuffed with anchovy and tomato sauce (optional).
  • Preparation: Cook the eggs in boiling water for 10 minutes, after this time we remove them from the water and cool them with cold water. when they are cold we peel them and cut them in two lengthwise. We remove the yolks and reserve one to decorate. We put the rest of the yolks in a bowl and add the tuna, mayonnaise and chopped olives, reserving a few to decorate, mix well. With the help of a spoon, we fill in the egg white halves, giving the filling a rounded shape, we decorate with the reserved olives. Cover the bottom of the serving dish with tomato sauce and place the eggs on top. Crumble the reserved yolk and decorate the dish with it.

6. Fusilli salad with mozzarella and tuna

  • Ingredients: 160 g of fusilli (spirals), 1 can of tuna, 125 g of mozzarella di buffala, 12 cherry tomatoes, 8 basil leaves, 16 pitted black olives, 1 clove of garlic, oil and salt.
  • Preparation: The first step to prepare this fusilli salad with mozzarella and tuna is to cook the pasta. As always, in a pot with boiling salted water, cook the pasta according to the time indicated on the package, in this case, 10 minutes. We drain, wash with cold water and reserve. On the other hand, we cut the cherry tomatoes in half. We also prepare a mash with the minced garlic clove, the basil leaves, a drizzle of olive oil and salt. We mix this mash with the pasta and the cherry tomatoes. Finally, we serve the salad with the diced mozzarella, tuna and black olives.

7. Vegan pate with mushrooms and walnuts

  • Ingredients for six people: 500 g of mushrooms, 3 cloves of garlic, 1 onion, 1 teaspoon of brewer’s yeast, 80 g of peeled walnuts, 1 tablespoon of olive oil, a pinch of salt and a pinch of pepper.
  • Preparation: We start by peeling and cutting the onion and garlic into thin slices. Heat the oil in a pan and brown the onion and garlic over low heat for two minutes. Cut the mushrooms into slices and add to the pan. We keep the heat at medium intensity until the mushrooms take on a toasted tone. We toast the walnuts in the oven at 180ºC for two minutes. In the blender glass, crush and mix the ingredients of the pan with the brewer’s yeast, a pinch of salt and a pinch of pepper. Add the walnuts and continue working in the blender until we obtain a fine and homogeneous cream.

8. Ethiopian Eggplant Dip

  • Ingredients for six people: 2 large aubergines, 1 red (or sweet) onion, 1-2 cloves of garlic, 1 and 1/2 teaspoons of ground turmeric, 1/4 teaspoon of ground cumin, 1-2 tablespoons of natural yogurt, 1 green chili or hot pepper, hot or sweet paprika, black pepper, salt, lemon or lime, fresh coriander or parsley and extra virgin olive oil.
  • Elaboration:Preheat the oven to 220ºC and prepare a tray covering it with aluminum foil, adding a little water. Wash the aubergines well and cut in half lengthwise. Practice a few cuts and place upside down. Bake for about 45-50 minutes, or until very tender. Let cool and remove the meat. Chop the onion and the garlic clove or cloves very finely. Heat a little olive oil in a frying pan and brown the onion with a pinch of salt for about 8 minutes, over medium heat. Add the garlic and cook the whole for a couple of minutes. Add the roast meat of the aubergine, stir well and mash with the spoon. Salt and pepper lightly, add the turmeric and cumin and cook until almost all the water is evaporated from the vegetables. Remove from heat and let cool slightly. Chop in a food processor or with the mixer, adding the yogurt. Blend to taste, leaving it more or less creamy; I like it with a bit of texture. Adjust the salt point and bring to a bowl. Serve with the paprika, chili or chopped green pepper, coriander or parsley, a few drops of lemon or lime juice and a dash of oil.

9. Mediterranean sesame and oregano bread

  • Ingredients to make bread kilo medium: 100 g sourdough , 225 g of flour, 140 g water, 50 g of olive oil extra virgin, 5 g salt, 10 g baker’s yeast, 2 tablespoons seeds sesame and a good handful of oregano.

Note: If you don’t have sourdough, add 65 g of flour and 35 ml of water to the ingredients listed above instead.

  • Elaboration:Dilute the sourdough and yeast in the water and let them dissolve a little until the water is cloudy. Add the flour, salt and olive oil and mix until you get a somewhat sticky dough. Flour the table and lightly knead the ball until it is smooth and manageable. Let it rest for 30 minutes. On a baking tray covered with a parchment paper or a silpat, spread the dough, pressing with your fingers from the inside out as if you were making a pizza base. Leave the edges slightly higher and mark your fingers by squeezing to spread the surface of the bread. Varnish the bread with a few drops of the best extra virgin olive oil you have at home and sprinkle the flatbread with the sesame seeds and some oregano leaves. While you do the whole process, preheat the oven to 250º centigrade, and activate the steam function or put a cup or mug with water in the bottom. Bake the bread for 25 minutes, -the first 10 at 250º and the remaining 15 at 225º. Take out the bread and let it rest for 15 minutes before eating it so that it finishes cooking inside while it cools.

10. Potato and tuna cakes

  • Ingredients for twelve units: 5 medium potatoes, 150 g of tuna crumbs in water, 1 shallot, 1 clove of garlic, 1 egg, 1/2 cup of ground bread, 20 g of butter, salt and ground black pepper.
  • Preparation: Peel the potatoes and cut into eight. We put them to boil in a pot with water and salt for about 25 minutes. When they are ready, we remove them from the water and mash with a fork. We drain the tuna and add it to the mashed potato. Chop the shallot and garlic clove and add it. Finally we add the egg and the breadcrumbs and mix everything well until a homogeneous dough is obtained. We form with our hands some cakes about six or eight centimeters in diameter and place them in a greased baking dish. We put a nut of butter on each cupcake and bake at 180ºC for 25-30 minutes.

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5 Ideas for Choosing Master Bedroom Closets

Every day comes with the opportunity to clean, organize and renovate our home and what better way than to start with the closet for the master bedroom, where, in addition to having the bed as the protagonist, we can give sufficient importance to the closet and different elements to maintain order on our shoes, clothes, bags or other personal items.

In this sense, we need to know different ideas for closets for bedrooms, focusing on the space needs of each person, since a closet or nursery organizer, one for teenagers or a closet to share as a couple will not be the same . Likewise, we have to consider that, before any decision, we must always leave enough space to carry out cleaning tasks in the room.

How to choose closets according to our style?

As we already mentioned, when devising and designing the closet space in a room, we can be guided by the type of decoration that we want to achieve according to the age of the people who will live there. For example, ideas for children’s closets should ensure safety at all times, keep pleasant colors and that everything matches their toys or decorative objects, so the use of materials such as plastic, fabrics in drawers or colored baskets, among other organizers becomes essential in your room.

Now, by focusing on the organization of a master bedroom, we can follow our tastes and preferences for closet ideas and apply them throughout the space. In this way, if we want to maintain a classic decoration, we need to make use of furniture made of materials made of wood and with natural colors.

On the other hand, thinking of a minimalist decoration, we always have to opt for colors from a neutral palette such as beige, coffee, cappuccino, black, gray and incorporate metallic details that we can achieve with the use of mirrors, whether they are large or decorative type to create figures on the wall.

In the same way, there is a high tendency to play with colors and vintage decoration, giving a boho-hippie air to the rooms. Following this style, the wooden accessories and outdoor organization elements are the most functional, since they reflect that feeling of freedom and rebellion, such as a buildable pipe bedroom closet , with tiers and organizers, or a shoe organizer rack These can be found in neutral and metallic ferrous colors or painted to match other objects in the bedroom.

Likewise, in a room full of color, avant-garde and a very creative person, it will always be preferable to keep all the order in the closets using baskets and cube-type drawers, which match the space and the general decoration. However, in the closet it is essential to maintain a white color or in very light tones so that the prominence is kept by objects and decorative applications.

Closet Assembled Systems Why Choose Them?

When choosing a type of closet, we can also be guided by its system, since these furnishings are designed to best suit a room. As an example, there are portable closets or simple clothes hangers, which are so functional for places where the available space is very limited. Some models include a zippered plastic protector to protect clothing from dust, water, and other environmental contaminants.

Likewise, there are the tubular closet systems, which are simple to assemble and can be combined with already manufactured furniture, such as wooden cabinets. These organizers have become popular on social media because garments can be hung on them and personal style displayed very quickly, so they work both for storage and to combine fashion taste and room decoration.

Some additional benefits of closet assembly systems are:

  • Novel and elegant style.
  • Easy installation.
  • Space optimization.
  • It can be placed in another space quickly to give a new image to the bedroom.

How to organize a closet in an exceptional way?

1. Bags save spaces

The space-saving bags are very functional to store the garments that are not of the season, blankets, sheets, pillows and duvets. These bags have an air suction system, which when removing the air using a vacuum cleaner reduces the size of the package by up to 80%. They maintain an airtight seal that helps protect and keep the stored garments clean, and as they are made of transparent plastic, the contents of the bag can be quickly identified.

2. Plastic boxes

Those who know the name of Marie Kondo will know perfectly the usefulness of plastic boxes. The KonMari method of learning about how to organize a closet is widely recognized and has become popular thanks to a program available on a streaming service.

Consider that plastic boxes allow us to keep all kinds of objects and garments stored. Thus, when acquiring small-size boxes, we can store objects such as socks, underwear and gloves, or in medium-size boxes we can place jeans and casual pants, for example.

3. Hooks for each type of clothing

Because hooks are one of the main accessories considered when organizing a closet, they are almost always downplayed. A hook has to be functional to hold the garment, without its structure bending or the object slipping. Generally, clothes hangers are of the plastic type and, although metal was used in ancient times, it is advisable to use resistant, large volume or cover hooks made of materials such as velvet.

Plastic hooks are useful for most garments, however we always require more care in clothes that are made of delicate fabric, such as silk, cloth, organic cotton, among others. For this reason, plastic hooks are sometimes not as functional as velvet or wooden hooks.

4. Shoemakers

In order to maintain cleanliness and order, shoe racks are very practical in a room, whether they are on several levels, in a specialized rack or an item that is hung behind the door. However, if we have more shoes of different heights, such as high boots and platform tennis, the ideal is to acquire a shoe rack with several levels to organize the pairs without affecting their original design.

5. Chests of drawers

Since it is never enough when it comes to fashion, we almost always require more space to store our favorite clothes and accessories or new purchases. In this way, the drawers can always help us to obtain more space to store in our closet and avoid disorganization by not having a designated place for each object.

Part of the benefits of these drawers is being able to find them in the same tone as our other furniture to achieve a special and unique combination in each room.


At https://raechalleone.com/ we can find different styles that adapt to your ideas for closets, either with the help of organizers or storage objects designed for each type of decoration and looking to find the best option to optimize our spaces.

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Modern Small Kitchens: How to Optimize Space (4 Ideas)

The kitchen is one of the places where different accessories and elements are occupied, such as pots, knives, pans, plates, cups, ladles, spices, ingredients, oils, etc. Because of this, ample space is required to be able to store and organize all those items, in addition to carrying out common cleaning tasks.

However, in small houses, the space available is very limited, so it is advisable to learn to take advantage of all the corners and inches of the kitchens. To achieve this, you need a good storage methodology and establish the functions that will be given to the furniture in the space, such as shelves and shelves for small kitchens, as they are the best allies to optimize spaces.

Ideas for keeping a small kitchen organized

Considering the functional storage systems put into practice by interior decoration experts, the first point we have to take care of is keeping the pots, pans or any other utensil that we frequently use within easy reach. In this way, we can start with observing the space available for storage and from there locate the drawers or surfaces closest to the stove burners to store those items that we will always need.

1. Utilizes the available surface space between the sink and grill

In large kitchens, one of the options is to hang the pans and pots on a higher structure because this gives a different image, but in small kitchens we require all the available space to be able to move without limitations, so we cannot do use of those structures. So to organize the utensils, we have the opportunity to occupy modern kitchen shelves such as the pan organizer with 4 levels and two different positioning options.

In the same way, to have the dishes and be able to serve quickly, a metal corner organizer can work perfectly, since this way we occupy the space in the corners that is sometimes not taken into account to store kitchen elements.

Another example of stainless steel kitchen shelves is a drainer with two levels for plates, glasses and spoons or a shelf that is placed on the bar and where you can also organize the jars of spices, oil, etc.

2. Empty tall spaces: a storage opportunity

There are also some accessories that can take advantage of the space under a floating cupboard drawer, such as the hanging cup organizer. Thus, we can make use of an area that is not occupied and use the drawers to store the pantry.

By hanging these containers, we take advantage of all the available space between the surface where the stove is to where the ceiling drawers begin. Some models of kitchen shelves make it easier to optimize spaces, since not only are the containers or utensils stored, but it also leaves the work area free to cook without obstacles. These basket-style accessories can even be hung from shelves that blend into the kitchen.

And mentioning the shelves, we can consider placing some of the types of shelves for storage in an available wall space. A set of shelves will allow us to organize whatever we want, be it glasses, plates, cups, cutlery, jugs, kitchen gloves and other items that are used.

3. Organizing the drawers

Likewise, we can obtain a gain in space by occupying each available space of the drawers that are already in our kitchen, such as the place under the sink, where we can save space with an adjustable organizing cart. This accessory has removable panels, is easy to clean, and maintains a chrome finish to last long.

Likewise, in the drawers available for storing spoons, knives and tumblers, we can integrate organizers with divisions, thus avoiding clutter and we can more easily locate each utensil to optimize time in the kitchen. However, it is important that we take care of each drawer from scratches with non-slip type drawer protectors, especially in places where metal objects are stored.

4. Carry out open storage

Although the options we have described are part of the air storage function, using stainless steel kitchen shelves helps us to identify all the species and ingredients when cooking. In this way, we have the option of occupying an organizer cart with many levels and wheels to be able to move it or place it as we please.

Open storage is very functional, especially because of the stylish view it gives to the kitchens. To make use of modern kitchen shelves we need to have each ingredient in jars or cans with a label, in addition to occupying the low space with heavy items. There we can also integrate boxes or drawers so that they give the same function as the cupboard drawers.

Types of shelves for small kitchens

As the most important thing in a kitchen is to maintain cleanliness and organization at all times, we have to make sure to integrate the ideal kitchen shelf models into the available space. For that reason, we have the opportunity to find functional designs and structures such as:

  1. Expandable mesh shelf: made of high quality metal and a nickel finish to guarantee its resistance over the years, this shelf keeps a modern, elegant design and is very practical to place all kinds of products, utensils, dishes, etc. . It is easy to clean.
  2. Hanging shelves: be it of the basket type, for glasses, cloths or other kinds of products, hanging shelves help us to keep the kitchen area free and, in this way, avoid accidents such as breakage of cups, plates, etc.
  3. Draining racks: draining racks are another class of kitchen shelves, because by implementing them for the organization we have the opportunity to take advantage of the space upwards. These storage instruments maintain different levels, some have specialized spaces for each utensil and can be found in different coatings to be able to combine everything depending on the design and colors of our kitchen.
  4. Staggered organizer: in order to take advantage of the space near the stove or kitchen bar, we can integrate an accessory with staggered levels. These do not occupy a large space and they are very useful for us to place spices that are always used when cooking, such as salt, pepper, aromatic herbs, ground garlic, oil, among others. Most tiered organizers have 3 tiers and are made of sturdy materials that withstand inclement weather, dust, and moisture.

Some extras to organize small kitchens

In addition to the previous recommendations, we cannot forget that we will need some items to be able to mobilize ourselves and prepare dishes in our kitchen with great success. One of these objects is a stool or small bench, since if we take advantage of the space in the heights we will have to work harder to reach what we need.

Now, thinking about the cleanliness and order of the kitchen, a lid to place on the dishes when heating in the microwave can be very functional, because it avoids splashing throughout the appliance.

In another sense, to reach all the things on the kitchen counter, we can use a large, rotating bamboo spice rack . There we can place the spices and, when cooking, turn to reach each jar. As if that were not enough, this object is also very useful if we leave it on the table so that everyone can reach the ingredients, such as the sauce, the salt shaker, napkins, etc.


At https://raechalleone.com/ we not only have quality and durable products for small kitchens, you can also find ideas and products to take advantage of every space in the home.

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