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Magnifying viewfinder and laser viewfinder, which one is for you?

When it comes to owning a gun, a person doesn’t need to think twice before committing. There aren’t many reasons why you would want to own a gun, but rest assured, our glorious Second Amendment allows the average Joe to own a gun at their peril. But if owning a gun was enough, we wouldn’t need to go to the shooting location to do a target shoot, which brings us neatly to the case of two attachments aimed at helping in this regard.

There are several visual attachments that you can associate with different types of weapons and improve their characteristics, especially when aiming. Since the average has a pistol, the most popular options are limited to two competitors: a) reflex sights and b) laser sights. Both of these attachments are used for a wide range of applications, but if you’re the average person without knowing what these are and which one you should choose (if any), it can get confusing quite quickly. So, to get a better understanding of both items, let’s take a quick look at some of the features of magnified reflex sights and laser sights.


Both are incredibly accurate when it comes to close positions, especially reflex sights, due to the faster acquisition of their target in close range. These can be easily used not only with firearms but also with rifles and shotguns. The reason for their imminent popularity is that reflex sights allow you to fine-tune the characteristics of the reticle displayed in the finder. But that doesn’t mean lasers are poor quality in close combat, oh no, especially for tight spots with restricted light. Laser accessories take the cake, as you can be extremely precise about your target, both near and average.


It varies greatly depending on the business that sells it to you. There are many options for you to browse, and with increasing functionality, the price will increase further. However, you do not need to spend as much money on a pair of sights because you can use some of the priciest red sights for much less from companies that care about your money.


Both run on batteries, and like anything battery-powered, those run out of power as well. But that doesn’t mean that the product itself becomes part of the landfill, as batteries can be swapped out for newer ones. Lasers, in particular, drain their batteries very quickly, but this is expected, as they offer a much narrower focus across the spectrum.


The reflex viewfinder is preferable when used at close distances with an adequate amount of light as they allow the acquisition of a much better daylight target. However, lasers are best used in low light, as you can aim at very tight targets in these conditions.


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What differentiates the battue glasses from other types of glasses, and how to choose

Some hunting goggles are suitable for the hunt, just like other models are recommended for the lookout, without also forgetting the mixed goggles. Whatever device you decide to adopt, however, it will have:

  • an objective (or lens);
  • an eyepiece, which will allow you to receive clear images;
  • and finally comes the body of the device itself.

The illuminated reticle, often installed in the eyepiece and sometimes adopting the shape of a cross, is also an integral part of the telescope. Its function is to make the sighting as impeccable as possible.

To distinguish a battue scope from another intended for the lookout, it will be necessary above all to refer to the usual notation used for this type of hunting accessory.

Thus, when the diameter of a telescope is high (reception of less light in the lens/objective) while having the least possible magnification (reduced zoom), we will generally be in the presence of a telescope for the beat.

We can take the example of a product showing the notation 1-6 × 24: the diameter of the objective is thus 24 mm, with a zoom which goes from 1 to 6 times.

You can understand that, about the beat, the lowest magnification will always be 1 or close to 1. On the other hand, if it was a mixed product, the notation could have been 1.8 -6 × 42. Finally, with the glasses for the lookout, the diameter of the lens is large but with a possibility of still increasing magnification. We will thus have a 4-12 × 55 telescope.

Difference between red dot sight and battue scope

The red dot sights are perhaps more famous because of their frequent appearance in the cinema. But apart from that, it is still an innovative technology since it also allows the hunter to be precise in his actions.

With this type of viewfinder, there is no longer any question of closing an eye to look into the eyepiece; the two eyes can remain open, and the hunter can be guided by the red light which appears on the game.

Despite such practicality, these accessories with red dot do not necessarily replace the beating scope because they become less efficient when the animal reaches 60-70 meters of distance.

Indeed, the red dot sights do not have a zoom, and the target becomes much too small to be hit with precision (with a red dot appearing larger).

The hunting scope for all hunting conditions

Battue is a classic hunting group in a group, with the big game being close to the range or quite far away. Fortunately, the battue scope can be used in all circumstances: over short and long distances, when the animal flees, or when it comes to a stop.

Whatever the type of hunting, I can advise you to adopt the battue scope because it will simplify your visibility and aim, which would not be the case with scopes made exclusively for close-range hunting.

It is also a type of tool that we would gladly suggest to a beginner who wants to get his hands on and train, whatever the hunting conditions he is facing.

Nonetheless, the scope for the beaten remains an accessory that confirmed hunters like to have in their hands, even when it comes to the cheapest models on the market.

How to choose the best battue scope

For starters, you have to keep in mind that battue scopes are those with magnification starting with 1, although you could also go for a model that is close to 1 (1.4, 1.5, for example, for combination glasses).

This type of device will not have a magnification greater than 8. It’ll be up from each shooter to acquire experience to understand which scopes he needs precisely, knowing that this choice may depend on his area hunting.

Indeed, if the hunting area is not very large, we can anticipate that there will be no need to zoom very much.

The best reticles are those that the hunter can see clearly, which means that the reticle lines should be thin enough.

It will also be helpful to turn to glasses that offer luminous reticles of various colors (blue, red, green, etc.). Which is very practical, especially when the environment in which you have to operate lacks or has too much light.

If the design of a scope appeals to you and the equipment in question matches the type of hunting you want to do, this may be the model for you. Ergonomics can sometimes seem secondary when it comes to such an accessory, but it is certainly not for everyone.


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Rowing Machine: 5 Models in Test

The rowing machine is an increasingly popular exercise tool that effectively activates all major muscle groups in the body. Rowing training strengthens both heart and lungs and is very energy-intensive, which burns lots of calories. Therefore, the rowing machine is not just an excellent training machine for building muscle. It is also suitable for those who want to lose weight.

The rowing machine also offers fantastic cardio training, which means that many people today use it at home instead of a treadmill because it generally has a lower price tag and is more surface efficient. The rowing movement is also unique and enables hard training that is at the same time gentle on joints and knees.

Rowing Machine: 5 Models in Test

The rowing machine is often part of a home gym with other exercise machines and other exercise equipment, such as dumbbells and barbells. However, it also fits perfectly alone, and many prefer the rowing machine over other exercise machines such as cross-trainers. Exercise bikes and treadmills. Not least because it more than these other training tools, has properties that involve more muscle groups and is also relatively inexpensive.

Master Fitness R6040

R6040 is an exclusively designed premium model from Master Fitness, and its very high price value makes it named the best premium choice. The rowing machine is large and robust, with a solid aluminum frame that provides good space, even for tall users. The pedals are excellent, with good foot grip and many adjustment options.

The aluminum construction gives an unexpectedly low machine weight and, together with the transport wheels, makes the R6040 an unusually easy-to-move professional model. The backlit color display is relatively large and can thus be read throughout the rowing movement. The R6040 has a mixture of air and magnetic resistance, and the years generate an airflow that drives a fan.

The airflow is thin but gives some coolness, and the fan can be stopped if it irritates. The resistance is controlled via the training computer and can be varied from light to very strong. A wireless heart rate belt is included. The training computer is advanced with coveted heart rate control. The user interface could have been more intuitive but still understood thanks to the detailed manual.

Master Fitness R6030

Master Fitness R6030 (also sold as Bodymax R90) is a Concept-inspired rowing machine with a recommended price in the professional class but a prevailing lowest price in the upper-middle class. The design is undeniably tasteful and perhaps even the most admirable rowing machine we have seen after Concept.

The R6030 has a high build quality with a robust, high and long aluminum frame with the same sliding length as the reference model Concept E. The seat feels reasonably complex and slides forward almost frictionlessly. The R6030 has a combined air and magnetic resistance, and the maximum resistance is more than enough for even the most substantial users. All this enables excellent rowing movement for both short and long. The color display is relatively large and clear and is visible throughout the rowing movement.

The training computer is advanced for a rowing machine and gives the impression of belonging to a cross-trainer. This makes the training computer a bit overcomplicated considering the type of training program you usually see in a rowing machine. At the same time, the measurement of speed, time, and distance is far from accurate. These values do not even internally agree with each other.

The R6030 has an exemplary manual with precise assembly and user instructions as well as plenty of illustrations. The rowing machine is easy to fold, and with four transport wheels, it is also easy to move. R6030 currently has a lower price than ever and is named the best middle-class choice.

Master Fitness R610

Master Fitness R610 is a simple but affordable rowing machine in the budget class. Thanks to the ongoing price war, it is currently incredibly price pressured and is therefore named the best budget choice. The training computer is of a more straightforward cut, and the display is simple but at the same time clear and easy to understand.

The R610 is magnetically braked, and the flywheel delivers a maximum natural resistance that manages to give even well-trained users a challenging workout. The resistance is easily regulated with a steering wheel. The footplates are movable, but you can not adjust the foot and according to the foot length.

The handle is excellent, and so is the seat, which is also broad to fit even wider backs. The footrest is angled so that the feet follow the pulling movement. Although the traction cable is made of durable fiber, metal would have been preferable. The slide rail has a good length, especially for a budget model.

Titan Life Rower Trainer R22

Titan Life Rower Trainer R22 is a price-pressed compact rowing machine for home with water resistance. It gives a genuine and gentle rowing motion with a sound that gives you a feeling of rowing in the water.

Compact design with the first-class seat

R22 is made of plastic and aluminum, which gives it a low machine weight and a cheap impression. The heaviest on the rowing machine is the water-filled container in the front. Fortunately, the transport wheels are also located there, which makes it uncomplicated to roll around. You can quickly assemble the R22 by changing places on a screw and folding up the slide rail. When folded up, it takes up some space.

The seat is soft and unusually comfortable to sit on, even during really long sessions. The R22 is compact without compromising on the glide length. With the right technical design, it is long enough even for those who are taller than average. It requires continuous maintenance and cleaning of the wheels and slide rail for the seat to slide entirely frictionlessly.

Quiet and uncomplicated

Unlike rowing machines with air resistance, the R22 is much quieter. The muted sound of the water provides an almost meditative experience. The rowing machine is equipped with a simple training computer which unfortunately does not have any pre-programmed training programs. We are also asking if the values for speed and distance are correct as they differ significantly compared to the models that are approved as competition machines. If you only use this rowing machine, it does little. Unfortunately, the display is not backlit, which means that it cannot be read if the room is not lit.

High price value

Titan Life Rower Trainer R22 is excellent for you looking for effective but gentle heart rate and strength training at a low price tag. The water resistance contributes to a pleasant soundscape, and it gives a realistic rooting.

First Degree Apollo Hybrid AR

Apollo Hybrid AR from First Degree Fitness is an exclusive elite class model with something unusual as water resistance. Many people prefer water resistance to air resistance because it gives a more genuine water rowing feeling in the draft. Also, the sound of water resistance is perceived as more discreet and pleasant. It is also fantastic to see the water dizzy in the transparent container of the resistor.

The water resistance also contributes to a relatively high machine weight, which, together with rubber-coated footrests, the rowing machine stands very stably on smooth floors. Therefore, Apollo Hybrid AR does not slip during intense rowing, which is otherwise very common, even among elite class models. The seat is comfortable and is kept firmly fixed to the frame with wheels both vertically and horizontally.

The glide is excellent, and the frame’s glide length is sufficient even for long rowers. The footrest is of high quality with excellent foot fixation and smooth adjustment. The water resistance is adjustable, but adjustments have – unlike air resistance – a delay of a few strokes. Apart from water resistance, the most noticeable strength of the Apollo Hybrid AR is its tasteful and discreet wood design. Also, it can be easily set up vertically against the wall. This makes it fit better in the living room than perhaps any other rowing machine.

Although the Apollo Hybrid AR, on the whole, has a build quality on par with its high price, some features are hardly elite class. It has a nylon belt, which is maintenance-free, but at the same time, they wear out faster than chains. The seat wheel is made of plastic, and it rolls on a plastic rail.

With long-term use, these can be worn out. The training computer is mediocre with a not backlit display, which means that it cannot be read in the dark. The manual is only available in English, but the assembly instructions are exemplary with clear pictures. Overall, despite its juicy price tag, the Apollo Hybrid AR is very affordable for those who appreciate tasteful design and water resistance.


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15 Gardening Tips for Beginners

We have all dreamed of having a splendid garden that, in addition to beautifying our home, serves as a refuge when stress overwhelms us. Lack of experience should not discourage us! Gardening is an art that requires dedication and specific knowledge, but can be learned slowly.

Therefore, and with the aim of helping people who have been immersed in this magical world until now, we have decided to compile the following gardening tips for beginners. We hope they will be of great help.

1. First of all, you have to define the end of the garden

A garden can be used to plant flowers of a thousand colors, create appropriate spaces for recreation and grow vegetables. For this reason, from the beginning it is necessary to define the function that it is going to fulfill and clearly delimit the areas destined for each purpose.

That way we will be clear about what we want and it will be much easier for us to visualize how we will build it. If the budget allows it, it is worth hiring the services of a landscaper to help us with the design. Thus, we will obtain a perfect mix between colors, heights and locations.

2. Assess the climate of the area

Before buying the plants, we must know in depth the climatic conditions of the area in which we intend to develop our garden (hot, desert, tropical, humid, cold, etc.). In this way, when visiting the nursery we will be able to choose, with the advice of the professionals of the place, flowers, bushes, herbs and shrubs that will really adapt to the climate in which they will be planted.

In this regard, we cannot ignore the so-called microclimates, which refer to the specific climate of much smaller areas. For example, the microclimate of a place that receives sun all day is not the same as that under a leafy tree.

3. Take into account the light intensity

All plants require light to live, although in different amounts and intensities. For example, even if the label of a certain bush says it is for outdoor use, it may not withstand direct exposure to sunlight for a long time, or it may only support diffused sunlight, as is the case with orchids.

For this reason, before planting any plant, we must read the instructions in this regard well or request advice from the nursery where we buy them. Thus, we guarantee your location in the perfect place.

4. Evaluate the substrate or terrain

There are plants that require more sandy and drained soils to live, such as cacti; others, like heliconia, prefer more clayey and humid soils. That is to say: each type needs a specific substrate.

Consequently, before sowing we must know the type of land in our garden and cover it with organic compost. In this way, we fertilize naturally and promote biological activity in the soil, obtaining healthier plants as a result. The same logic applies to the bushes we plant in pots.

5. Water the plants at the correct frequency

Most beginning gardeners believe that the more water they apply to their plants the faster and healthier they will grow. Big mistake. Not all plants need the same amount of water to live.

Usually, outdoor plants should be watered at least once a week, but the cycle can vary depending on the species, weather conditions and evaporation levels in the area where we have the garden. Therefore, it is wise to seek the best advice in this regard at your nearest store with a gardening associate.

In any case, let us remember that the irrigation is done on the ground and not directly on the leaves or flowers of the plants. That makes them prone to pests and rot.

6. Proper fertilization

Another common mistake made by beginners is fertilizing plants just arrived from the nursery. There is no need for it. These are usually already well fertilized. The prudent thing is to wait for them to stabilize and adapt to their new home, or to wait for the first pot transplant.

Otherwise each plant needs different types of fertilizers.

7. Frequent pruning

If we want to see our plants healthy, we have to prune them with a certain frequency to eliminate the elements that prevent the passage of sunlight to the entire garden or affect their normal development (damaged flowers, rotten fruits or dry, broken and diseased branches).

Let’s not forget that specific pruning varies from one species to another; therefore, we must inform ourselves about it.

8. Acquire the basic tools

Part of being a good gardener is to acquire and properly select the tools and utensils to take care of our garden, some of the basic utensils that we must have are:

  • Shovel (various sizes for different types of garden and pots)
  • Rake
  • Pruners and brushcutters
  • Gardening scissors
  • Cut branches
  • An irrigation hose and sprinklers
  • Pots and containers
  • Gloves
  • Workwear

With these tools and utensils we can perform the basic gardening tasks, typical of those who until now are starting in this art. Over time our knowledge will increase, along with our equipment needs.

9. Take into account the height of the plants

When sowing our plants we must bear in mind the height of each one of them, so that when the taller ones grow they do not deprive the smallest of light, causing them to die. Or on the contrary, planting without considering the excess of sun for some.

10. Seed storage

One of the best gardening tricks is to store seeds, stems, and more in clean jars and dry places. This way we prevent them from germinating on their own.

11. Allow insects to live in the garden

Not all insects are harmful. Some, like bees and butterflies, pollinate flowers; others can be harmful if they are presented too much.

In the same way, worms, although they are not properly insects, provide nutrients to the earth through their excrement, aerate the soil and control its PH.

In that sense there are many more animals that are beneficial for our garden. We must ensure that they are preserved.

12. Watch out for the roots

There are plants whose roots can spread through the ground, preventing the growth of those that are next to them and even affecting the walls. The most prudent thing is to plant them in containers or in remote places where they will not cause any damage.

13. Care when transplanting

Many garden beginners make a serious mistake when transplanting newly purchased plants. These usually come in a pot. The inexperienced gardener simply takes them out of there and immediately introduces them into the previously dug hole. This can cause the roots to roll into each other and not expand, leading to rotting from watering.

The ideal when transplanting them is to take the roots, very carefully, from the inside out until they take their natural place. This step is essential, especially in cases where the plant has been in a pot for too long.

14. Beware of pests

It is important to periodically inspect the leaves and stems of plants for harmful parasites or fungi. In case of detecting them, we must cut the affected parts and burn them or discard them in closed containers to be removed by the relevant body. If the problem persists, we have no other solution than to immediately apply a specialized product , preferably natural or recommended by an expert in the field.

15. Keep an agenda of the plants

Once the garden has been planted, it is important to consolidate in a single agenda a list of the plants we have, noting their flowering, fertilizing, pruning and other important information for their maintenance.

These 15 gardening tips for beginners will help you get started in this beautiful art. Ideally, of course, we should start studying all we can about gardening and botany, in order to add theoretical knowledge to practice and become experts in the field.

To complete the ideal garden, it is recommended to review the accessories to the garden fauna, that is, the special outdoor furniture or the barbecues. Another example is lighting that helps our garden look just as impressive day and night.