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Olympic Arching Equipment

Olympic Arching Equipment

Olympic Arching Equipment: It is the standard sports bow as it is used in most games and in the Olympics, which is why it is also called Olympic.

It consists of three parts:

  • The central stem or riser
  • Metal for racing and wooden or plastic for training
  • Both plates

The riser has a height of 23 ” or 25 ”. The bow has a height: 66 ”, 68 ” or 70 ”.

The nominal force of the arc is measured in pounds and is from 22lbs to 50lbs. It consists of the force needed to open the bow at 28 ”. Fully disassembled for easy transport.

3- Type of Metal Racing Risers

Olympic Arching Equipment

Metal racing risers differ in the way they are made. There are three ways:

  1. Die-cast: Casting is an older technology, but it is also the most economical by far because a mold is used many times. They are made of magnesium-aluminum alloy. Although cases of breakage in dry shots (without arrows) have been observed, they are generally durable. This is due to the discontinuities caused by the air bubbles trapped in the material during casting. The final finish is done by painting.
  2. Forged: They are made of aluminum alloys. A roller of material is placed in a special mold and forged under high temperatures. It takes the desired shape. Then you need enough work on the milling machine for the final finish.
  3. Milling (CNC machined): It is the most modern method and the most expensive. The construction material comprises strong aviation-type aluminum alloys (7001 or 6061). The milling machine is an electronically controlled robotics. For a riser weighing 1.5kg, you need an initial piece of material weighing up to 10kg! They are the most durable and are finished with anodizing or painting.

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Most Modern Racing Risers (Milling)

The plates or arms or limbs are made of strong welded sheets of carbon foam, or carbon wood, or wood-fiber glass. In the central stem, the two screws with which the power of the bow (tiller) are limited.

The string is made of special synthetic yarns with great strength and negligible creep. In educational wooden or plastic bows, dacron is used, while in racing fast flight or Dyneema.

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Arrow Rests Delimitation

Arrow rests on the string is delimited by the knock knot from a special thread-

The length of the bow is determined by the opening of each archer (draw length). The aperture is measured with a long arrow and the bow fully open. It is the length from the string to the farthest point of the central stem of the arc. It is determined by the distance of the string from the center of the support hole of the button increased by 1 3/4 ” (e.g., if the distance of the string from the button is 26 2/4 ” then the opening of the archer is 26 2 / 4 ” + 1 3/4 ” = 28 1/4 ”).

If the opening of a new archer is right on the border, we prefer the longer length because the opening almost always grows somewhat with exercise.

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